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Solving Problems with Extreme Environment


The Bio-Digester technology deployed to produce Eco-Friendly toilets is fast catching on Across the country. Technology Used in Railways,  Coaches, Family And Community toilets at Large Scale to Prevent Open Defaection.

High Altitude Technologies For Vegetable Cultivation

Green House Technology for Off-Season Vegetable Cultivation.

Multi-vitamin Seabuckthorn Beverage

Soldiers Enjoying Leh Berry 

"Dr. Selvamurthy as a Psychologist,Yoga Teacher,a friend in need,and above all,Controller of disturbing Minds. He is a valuable adviser to the highly stressed people and a strong motivator of the young minds. I learnt from him,"Each Relationship you have with another person reflects the relationship you have with Yourself"."
Dr.A.Sivathanu Pillai
Distinguished Scientist,Chief Controller(R&D),CEO,MD (DRDO)
"Maintaining Organizational harmony through structured meetings with unions,Associations, works committees,besides meeting even individuals to provided Maximum comfort to the employees in solving their perceived and genuine problems and to keeps the motivational level of DRDO's work force all the time high."
Shri M. Natarajan
Former Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri and Secretary(DRDO)